LDG Dota
LGD eSports Club was founded in 2009. In the same year, the club won China's first DOTA world championship in SMM in Manila, which established China's position in eSports on the world stage. In January 2012, the club gained investment of game developers and officially began independent operation as a game developer. In February 2012, the League of Legends Division was founded, which marked that the club’s diversification into a different market area. In October 2013, the club established a team for independent content creation. In 2015, it organized world-class competition "Nan Yang Cup", hereby building their brand for international gaming.

LGD has divisions for DOTA 2, LoL, CS:GO, Overwatch, King of Glory, Player Unknown's Battlegrounds and other popular game projects. It has outstanding achievements in various major competitions. During 2017, the DOTA 2 fighting teams LGD and LFY, respectively won the third place and the fourth place in TI 7, the world's highest level DOTA 2 competition. The fighting team of Overwatch won the second place in Spring Season of Overwatch Professional Series (OWPS), China's highest level OW league.

In May 2017, LGD obtained investment from N5Capital, hereby becoming China's first eSports club that has gained institutional investment. With eight years of development, LGD has become China's oldest eSports club. In the past years, the LGD club has cultivated many outstanding players for China's eSports community, such as xiao8, Maybe, YYF, ChuaN and Imp. With a solid foundation, unwavering enthusiasm and purposeful determination, its position in the industry never budges.
Official website: weibo.com/teamlgd

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